Nuday’s Free Cooling System Means Fantastic Colocation Prices

Five years ago, Nuday Networks Inc. became the first Canadian datacenter to use a free cooling system. We are proud to set this precedent because a free cooling system offers many benefits for our clients as well as our facility.

Our Colocation and Datacenter Plans & Pricing in Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Cooling Systems and Colocation Providers

What is a free cooling system?

A free cooling system uses low external air temperatures to chill water. The chilled water can either be used immediately or be stored. In a datacenter, a free cooling system is an economical method to regulate the temperature in the facility. It also allows colocation providers to offer their services at reduced rates because their expenses are lower.


Are there any disadvantages to free cooling systems?

Free cooling HVAC systems are not able to adjust the humidity within the facility as precise as legacy data center cooling does, however, this issue does not negatively impact (or outweigh the benefits) in a data center environment because all hardware and appliances built in recent years are resistant to much wider humidity range.

This recent article published by Uptime Institue shows that Free Air Cooling economization projects similar to Nuday cooling design continues to gain tractions globally and specially in North America. The same data also suggests that internet giants are known to favour direct free air cooling when deploying at scale.

Are Nuday’s prices guaranteed?

Yes, Nuday will match other colocation provider’s rates across the country.
Our free cooling system is one of the reasons why we can offer the best colocation rates in Canada.


Which colocation solution is the best fit (and value)?

The best colocation package for your business depends on your data storage and security needs. Due to our free cooling system, our rates are extremely competitive, and we currently have a number of promotions including:

  • Up to 30% off a wide range of plans (from a quarter rack, 10U, to a full rack, 42U)
  • Unlimited 1GB bandwidth
  • The ability to customize your package to meet your unique needs
  • Complimentry connection to Out-of-Band (OOB) management network

Currently, our best deal is our full rack (42U colocation package) because it is 30% off our regular price. Learn more about our packages here.

To discuss which colocation option is best for you, talk to an expert at 416-477-2470.