Does Nuday datacenter have backup UPS and Generator?

Yes. All customer servers are connected to emergency power with UPS and backup generator.

Is there any access to Roof to install the Antenna or satellite dishes?

Yes. Nuday datacenter in Markham is built the way that customers can easily rent Roof space.

Does Nuday have a loading lock in Datacenter?

Yes. We do have truck level loading dock to receive customer equipment.

Our company is setting up an internet service provider account with Bell wholesale and Rogers, can we setup that in Nuday datacenter?

Yes. Nuday datacenter is on-net with both Cogeco and Bell and they can terminate their NNI service with you in your rack.

Can I use 208v instead of 110v?

Yes. We can do single or 3 phase 208v circuits as well.

Can we pay for actual power usage instead of flat rate circuit?

Yes. All PDUs and power circuits are built with built-in metering and both billing methods are available.

Do I need to bring my own power bar or do you provider one?

We do provide APC power bars for all our standard installations including 8PORT-15AMP/110v, 8PORT-20AMP/110v, 24PORT-30AMP/110v and 24PORT-30AMP/208v. Customers can bring their own power bars as long as they are CSA approved.

Is there any layer2 service between Nuday and 151 Front?

Yes. We can provide you the cross connect to 151 Front St for a very competitive price. Our switch is located in Standard Connection (Cologix – Suite 602a)

We own our IP block, can you advertise our IP Block?

Yes. Once you authorize us, we could advertise your IP block and route it to your router.

We have our own AS and IP Block, can we setup the BGP?

Yes. Once we have the LOA, we could setup the full BGP.

Is Nuday network multi-homed?


Is Nuday network connected to Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX)?


Do you provide KVM stations to work with my equipment on colocation onsite?

Yes. There are few stations available in the datacenter.

Do we have 24/7 access to my equipment?

Yes. All half rack and full rack customers have 24/7 access to datacenter and common area.

Do you sell internet service?

Yes. We can provide FTTN DSL service and also enterprise fibre service.

Can I view and Monitor my bandwidth usage?

Yes. MRTG graphs are available in the user control panel however we always suggest customers to use their monitoring tools.

Is the colocation service monitored?

Yes. We do monitor 1 IP which is typically the customer internet gateway.

Can I get additional Monitoring Services?

Yes. We can provider monitoring packages including IP Ping, TCP Check, DNS check, URL content check and many more other tests performed at the default 1-min intervals. Please contact us for packages and pricing.

Do you provide Remote hand service and what is the cost?

Remote hand is $30 per incident for scheduled business hour requests. Customers with frequent requests like changing the USB drives once a week can purchase 5 pack of Remote hands for $100.

What is considered the remote hand service?

Remote Hand service is for basic physical tasks like replacing a tape, restarting the server, visual check, changing a network port, plugging and unplugging a hard drive, connecting, disconnecting and replacing USB drives. Each incident is for max 15 minutes of basic IT task.

Can Nuday provide temporary KVM over IP to my server?

Yes. There is one-time cost of $50 for 1 Week usage of KVM over IP.

Can Nuday provide temporary Console access to my Serial-Port Router or Switch?

Yes. There is one-time cost of $50 for 1 Week usage of Access Router connection to your Console.

Can I collocate my bit-coin mining device in Nuday datacenter?

Yes. But power pricing in Ontario makes it almost non-profitable to house your miner in a datacenter.

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