Cracking the Canadian Colocation Data Center’s Cost-Effectiveness Secret

For many companies, colocation is a way to contain costs. It also offers an opportunity to utilize more space and improve the physical security of your organization. Over time, the prices of IT infrastructure have increased tenfold. Due to the physical security that comes with colocation, a data center is protected from fires, floods, and power outages that might happen in server rooms inside the offices, the infrastructure was designed to minimize damages to servers and appliances and promote business continuity.

Why Colocating in Canada is still the best option?

Financial & Practical Considerations

Most international businesses use U.S. dollars. If you’re considering getting your data center in Canada, you’re going to have to save factor in the difference in exchange rates, approximately 35% in 2020. Colocation data centers will have a lower cost in Canada compared to the United States and Europe.

Reduction in IT Management Costs

One of the most prominent advantages of a colocation data center is the affordable IT management cost in Canada. Since managing and storing data is in the hands of a third party expert, comparing to Europe and the United States, the cost of managing IT in Canada will be sufficiently reduced.

Advantages of Free Cooling System

Canadian colocation data centers are able to take advantage of the cold climate and implement innovative fresh air cooling and use a free cooling system. This technology is not only environmentally friendly but also has significantly improved the power usage effectiveness of our data center and allowed us to offer more cost-effective solutions to our clients.