New Roof Installation at Nuday Colocation

Nuday is an innovative and modern boutique datacenter located in Markham, just north of Toronto.

Ours is the first Canadian datacenter to employ unique fresh-air cooling by taking advantage of Toronto’s colder climate. This technology is not only environmentally friendly, but it has also greatly increased the datacenter’s power efficiency, allowing us to offer more cost-effective solutions to our customers.

To enhance the protective features of the facility, we have had a new roof installed to further safeguard the facility, the servers inside and, of course, your data.

Nuday Colocation Datacenter Offers Roof Rights

Also concerning roofs, it is noteworthy that our colocation continues to provide roof rights to our customers for antennas (UHF, VHF, Point to Point), satellite dishes, or similar devices.
Other logistical benefits include a customer lounge and workspace, a truck-level loading dock, a side maintenance entry and two levels of security authentication to enter the datacenter floor.