Nuday Networks Partners with RJV Technology to Host SaaS Cloud Platform

RJV Technology (RJV), best known for carrying multinational customers on their SaaS platform and cloud document management solutions, is pleased to have recently partnered with Nuday Networks.

RJV recently selected Nuday as their Canadian data center provider; Nuday will host RJV’s EXC X cloud document management platform for all of their Canadian clients.

According to Ren Wang, RJV Technology’s CEO, “after carefully reviewing multiple data centers in Toronto, we picked Nuday Networks to host our SaaS cloud platform in Canada. This decision was mainly based on their prime location, innovative infrastructure, and high-performance network.”

RJV Technology is an innovator of document management solutions. ECM-X is the latest framework. It creates flexible and powerful document and workflow solutions based on the best open source technologies available in 2020.

Their team of architects and software engineers have specialized in Document Management Solutions, Enterprise Content Management systems and, more recently, broadened their capabilities in the newly named Content Services Platform (CSP), as per Gartner.

RJV Technology developed their first next generation Document Management system in 2003. This robust platform was used to launch several successful new product lines in the following years. RJV Technology was acquired by Pitney Bowes in 2007.

Nuday is a state-of-the-art boutique data center located in the northern part of Toronto in the city of Markham.

Nuday is the very first Canadian datacenter to take advantage of Toronto’s cold climate by implementing innovative fresh air cooling.

This technology is not only environmentally friendly, it has also significantly improved the power usage effectiveness of the data center to make it possible to offer more cost effective solutions to our clients.