Internet security needs to be considered seriously. A breach in your internal network can leave you extremely vulnerable. From getting a virus, which destroys your data to suffering from actual data theft and more, the damage that any security breach can cause is immeasurable. A good firewall can easily prevent that from happening. Firewalls are needed to actively monitor all channels in order to detect threats before they escalate into major problems.

To safeguard all your data and to prevent any threats, you need a good firewall that constantly filters your internal networks. The following are some of the best ones that you can make use of:

1.    FortiGate: Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

It’s over 18 years that FortiGate is offering the top solutions for network security and it’s been a few years FortiGate has been recognized as a market leader. FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance including encrypted traffic.

2.    Cisco Firewall

Already renowned for their amazing software, Cisco has some amazing firewall solutions. The integrated security options also ensure that you are able to safeguard different network environments with ease. The firewall system is simple and easy to use. Its versatility also ensures that it can be used for different software and deployed on a large or a smaller scale. It also offers debugging options and more.

3.    Sonic Wall

Protecting more than a million networks, globally, Sonic Walls offers you real-time data on threats and detection of any breaches in your internal and external infrastructure. The proactive nature of the software ensures that you are able to protect against threats immediately. While a bit challenging to setup, it offers complete solutions with VPN capabilities, L2TP servers and VPN client for use on Windows.

4.    Imperva Incapsula

Imperva Incapsula provides a Web Application Firewall that can be used to properly protect against various threats to your site. The interesting part is that it offers anti-DDoS solutions that come into instant effect when a threat is identified. It also offers optimization services, including analytics, bandwidth usage, performance monitoring and more. With 360 solutions, you can keep your network secure and improve overall productivity with ease.

5.    Cato Networks

Providing cloud-based solutions as well, Cato Networks focuses on improving productivity with the help of SD-WAN that is also cloud-based. Cato also offers a secure platform where all locations, data and people of the enterprise can be connected securely. The Cato Cloud also focuses on improving performance and can also be used for integration of mobile users. The end result is a properly connected seamless, secure network.

6.    Bitdefender

Offering protection against harmful malware including rootkits and Trojans, Bitdefender provides real-time monitoring options for your network. It also actively evaluates all components of your network and points out any weak links as well as suggesting alternate measures or updates you can apply. Bitdefender also provides protection for webcams, ensuring maximum security. While mobile protection isn’t offered, it does have apps for Android and iOS platforms that can be deployed.

7.    Intego

Specifically designed for use on Macs, Intego has a NetBarrier firewall that can offer different protection options based on whether you are making use of a home network, or even a public hotspot. A Virus barrier also helps keep Mac specific malware at bay and ensures that you don’t have to worry about any malware that might have slipped through your firewall.