Recently, a couple of Nuday’s team members took part in the World Wildlife Fund, Canada (WWF CN) and managed to help the charity and attain their fundraising goal.

The conservation efforts by WWF CN are critical in helping preserve the oceans, endangered species, the climate, and the overall wellbeing of our world.

Many climbers take part in the Tower Climb every year, and lots of funds are usually raised in the process. And now, we are thrilled that our very own have been part of this noble drive; making us proud of its commitment towards a greener world.

The team members who took part in the climb were thoroughly excited and satisfied by the experience, and they are anxious to take part in future.

So, we are proud that Nuday and its staff share in the dream of making conservation part of its broader vision. We can certainly see this charity drive become an important experience for a few of our lucky employees every once in a while.