3 Best Open Source Firewalls That Provide Your Network Maximum Security

 With the advancements in IT, there are always newer and better features in firewalls that can boost the defenses in order to safeguard your network infrastructure in an improved way.

In this article Nudaay likes to introduce the most reliable, advanced and feature-rich open source firewall available in 2018 so that you can implement in your network with no cost.

1- IPFire Firewall

It’s not surprising at all that IPFire is the choice of millions of companies worldwide. One of the leading factors behind the success of IPFire is its ability to be used as a proxy server, firewall, or as a VPN gateway. You can implement the IPFire firewall any way you want. You just have to configure it the way you want to use it. The best thing about it is that it has an inbuilt intrusion detection system (IDS) which prevents cyber attacks efficiently. Moreover, it has an optional add-on called Guardian that activates automatic prevention.

2- NG Firewall

If you’re looking for a firewall that allows protecting the entire network of your organization from a single platform, then NG Firewall is what you need. Aside from an eye-catching dashboard, NG Firewall has got some amazing features that truly stand out. One of its key features is its ability to be operated like an app store. You can enable and disable a module of the firewall as per your need from the dashboard.

3- pfSense Firewall

As one of the leading network firewall, pfSense is available in three forms – hardware device, community edition, and virtual appliance. pfSense is loaded with commendable features through and through. Some of its basic features include:

  • pfSense is a multi-WAN firewall which has the ability to work with multiple internet connections.
  • pfSense can work as a server load balancer because of its inbuilt LB. This means it can distribute the load of numerous backend servers.
  • Its firewall can filter IP and limit connections.
  • pfSense has all the qualities of a VPN and it is compatible with open VPN and IPsec.

Another remarkable feature of pfSense is that you can install all its packages with just one click!

If you want to make your cloud network safe and secure, with no licensing cost, then you must employ one of these open source firewalls that have the potential to beat the cyber thieves and keep your network and data, safe and secure.